deep design and forethought, farsighted and deeply-laid plan
Our office is so pleased with the work by Green Tea Design.  They were quick and efficient with our questions, concerns and changes.  Our website is a reflection of our practice and we couldn't be happier! - City Square Dental Care

Urban Abode

Urban Abode website

Urban Abode's website shows what you can do with rich dark colors and subtle lighting. We wanted the website to match well with the clients beautifully designed pieces, so we used a stainless steel look matched with dark colors and cherry wood highlights.

Since launching the site redesign, Urban Abode has recorded a surge of interest as well as new sales coming from their website.

Haskins Law Group

Haskins Law Group website

Mike wanted his site to look professional,dynamic, energetic, and responsive.

We wanted the site to appeal to a wide variety of visitors (business people, family, men, women) so we had to make sure the design and the copy all came together convey the firm's "holistic" approach to representing a business and the people who run the business.

I Heart Japan

I Heart Japan website

I Heart Japan is Green Tea Design's labor of love. The site is an ever expanding WordPress developed hub that serves up news and travel tips all about Japan.

After only one year the site has become one of Canada's premier Japan travel sites even being featured in All Top sites.

Calgary Carpet Restretch

Calgary Carpet Restretch website

Calgary Carpet Restretch allowed us to try out several new design elements including a fixed background on a semi-transparent scrolling foreground.

The site was so successful that it only took a week before online orders covered the cost of the design. Plans are now underway to launch several new sites for cities across Canada.